We are able to supply our own in-house design of professional saddle racks for those that have to store a large number of saddles - such as retail shops, saddlers, saddle manufacturers, and professional yards.


Our most popular design (the MSSR8) accommodates eight saddles (four on each row), but we have models to accommodate up to twenty saddles.

[Note: We do not recommend stacking saddles on top of each other because it affects the flocking and might damage the leather]

The uniques features of the design are:

  • Saddles are supported underneath on the pommel cantel axis without affecting the flocking

  • Free standing yet stable design and easy to re-locate

  • Screw/bolt down feet for where the rack is not to be moved and/or for additonal stability

  • Can be self-erected in minutes

  • Designs available in double or triple racks to accommodate 4, 6, 8, 10, 15 or 18 saddles

  • Extremely sturdy design using 48.3mm galvanised steel tube

  • Compact considering the number of saddles that can be accommodated

Prices range according to size / number of saddles carried and are in the range £150 - £250 (including VAT but exclude delivery charge to UK mainland).

Contact our saddle rack department to purchase, for any queries including delivery charges, or to discuss bespoke solutions on 01 435 874800.




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