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Need your saddle checked or got a saddle that isn't fitting perfectly?

Juliette has an expert eye for how a rider interacts with the horse and the effect that a saddle has on the horse/rider combination. Juliette differentiates herself from most other saddle fitters by checking the horse saddle combination and rider saddle combination before and after fitting, and also ideally on a flat surface such as a riding arena. If you don't have access to a riding arena then Mayfield Saddlery offers the use of their own riding arena at no extra charge. She can often make adjustments on site to make that 'not so perfect' saddle into one that will continue to last many more years. She is well known for not talking anyone into another saddle if the existing one can be made to fit, but she will also be honest with you if this is just not possible. Also remember that Juliette is a Society of Master Saddlers qualified saddler as well as saddle fitter, and trained at the internationally renowned Saddlery Training Centre in Salisbury, Hants.

Need a new saddle?

Of course buying the right saddle is absolutely key and buying the wrong one can mean not only a waste of money, but can also severely affect the performance and health of your horse. It is therefore absolutely essential to have your horse measured by a qualified saddle fitter before buying any saddle (be it new or second-hand). If the saddle fitter is also a qualified saddle maker then is there a better place to go?  Furthermore, an experienced saddler / saddle fitter can recommend the best type and make of saddle for any particular purpose.


Juliette, our SMS qualified saddler and saddle fitter, will come to your yard and discuss your precise requirements, ie the type of usage, style, colour, quality of leather, price range etc. She will then suggest various options for you to consider. If she knows your requirements in advance, she will bring a selection of our wide range of saddles with her, and one of them may well be just what is needed and what you want.

If it is necessary to order a saddle then Juliette will return with a fully made to measure saddle and ensure it is a perfect fit, and is just what you and your horse wanted.

Rather have a used saddle?

The saddlery stocks a wide range of used saddles and, knowing your basic requirements, Juliette can bring a selection that might be of interest. She can also flock on-site to make any necessary minor adjustments.


Saddle research

We are embarking on a programme of research into horse problems caused by saddles, and also how saddles might be better designed for different applications and for horses with pre-existing conditions. We are looking for guinea pigs (actually horses) that we might use as part of this research programme. If you are a professional and might want to join the programme then do get in touch.

Absolute musts when choosing a saddle fitter

Ensure they are:

1.   Qualified and registered with the Society of Master Saddlers

2.   Adequately insured to undertake saddle fitting

3.   You cannot beat a personal recommendation or, failing this, ask for references  / testimonials

Don't be afraid to ask for this information. No reputable saddle fitter will have a problem with you asking and supplying the requisite information.


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