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Emma M - Horsham - Nov 2016

I was recommended to go to Mayfield Saddlery because I have had so many bad experiences with saddle fitters, many of them just interested in selling me a new saddle. Jules, the saddle fitter at Mayfield Saddlery, is just the opposite. She doesn't do anything before seeing the horse at a stand on the yard and then going through its paces in a school. Her first instinct seems to be to do whatever she can with the saddle, and in my case also the rider, before she even thinks of suggesting a new saddle. I thoroughly recommend her.

Elaine T - East Sussex - Sept 2016

I am so pleased with Juliette - the saddler from Mayfield Saddlery. She prides herself on her punctuality and easily fixed my saddle problems with her expert eye and sound experience, which no previous saddle fitter had been able to do!.

Aimee D - East Sussex - August 2016

Juliet is clearly someone clearly loves horses and knows her stuff. Thoroughly impressed today. Not only did I have a saddle fitting but she totally got my body mechanics and way of riding and really fitted the saddle to both horse and rider - plus I got some really kind and constructive observations about my riding too. I'm back on the pilates from next week to loosen that lower back and open up my hips. Can't speak more highly! Thank you from both me and Rocky :)

Lisa T - East Sussex - April 2015

Fabulous service highly recommended.

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